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About Us


Optimum Wellness Center is a non-profit community based resource center. We partner with Fast Easy Labs which is a breakthrough web-based service that empowers individuals to understand and improve their health in a personalized and engaging way. By combining direct-to-consumer access to advanced blood tests, our customers are able to identify and reverse potential health risks long before symptoms appear.

We are passionate about serving you and evolving our center to remain relevant to our communities. Our efforts focus on four key areas: Service, Quality, Community and Health.


Excellent service is our goal. We want to ensure that every time you visit our center you are greeted promptly and your health needs are met.


At Optimum Wellness Center regardless of health status you will receive the highest quality of professionalism and confidentiality.


We strive to be leaders in the community and serve in whatever capacity is needed,


At Optimum Wellness Center you can take more control of your health and have access to a healthier lifestyle.

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